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Transitions: Summer to Fall

It’s been a weird “fall” thus far here in East Lansing, MI.  It seems summer doesn’t want to move on and allow the next season to make its entrance, even though it is time.  I blame winter…winter bogarted a good number of spring/summer months this year, and threw all of the seasons off whack.   So I can understand why summer refuses to leave…it was cheated/swindled/short-changed.

Stupid winter.

But it seems that summer is finally getting tired of sticking around and (slowly) ushering the next season in.  I’m glad the two seasons were finally able to come to an agreement, because we are currently in the perfect blend of summer and fall right now (almost spring-like, which is nice because spring didn’t get any time this year).

Of course, with the weather cooling down, I’ve been in wardrobe revamp mode – putting away most of my summer items and pulling out fall/winter items to take their place.  I’ve also been adding a few pieces, as I have lost some weight since last winter, and a lot of what I have is really big on me.  Luckily, winter clothes look okay a bit big…especially since I have to layer a lot here in Michigan.

So what does a “it’s almost fall, but could still pass for summer” outfit look like?

Dress – Urban Outfitters Pins and Needles Crochet-Waist Chambray Dress; CardiganOld Navy Women’s Boyfriend Cardis; ShoesNine West “Millicento” Boots (no longer available); Necklace – Pearl Pendant Necklace (gift); Bracelets – Forever21 Faceted Stretch Bracelet Set

Most of these individual items in this outfit were purchase at the tail-end of last winter (at DEEPLY discounted prices).  The only item bought on clearance at the tail-end of this summer season is the dress.  When I saw it on the “already discounted, but we’ll give you another 30%” rack, I knew it was a match made in heaven.  I love the shape, the shade of blue, the polka-dots, the crocheted waistline (though, I had to wear a camisole underneath so skin wouldn’t show through), and the length. 

It’s by far the most fun time of the year to dress.  It’s warm enough to wear some of my cute, summery items, but cool enough to layer cardigans, blazers, sweaters on top and throw on a pair of boots (I love boots!!).  But it’s a short-lived season here in Michigan, and I’m going to take advantage of it for as long as possible.

Oh…and as an addendum to my previous post, you may notice that I got my hair cut (this morning, in fact).  I REALLY love my hairstylist here in East Lansing.  He is the one who most effective in helping me embrace my hair as is…because he always does such a great job making my tresses look AWESOME (despite the sparseness). 

Here’s a close-up.
[Hair looks thicker in person than it appears in photo]

And yes, the longer piece on one side was left purposefully (I wanted something different than my usual short cut).  He promised me next time he would make the style look even fuller with a nice coloring job (didn’t have the time today). 

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful summery-fall 
weather while it is still with us!

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