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Vacation Wear (Weekend Wardrobe in a Bag)

Find (photobomber) MyungChul!!  😛

 Top – Old Navy Women’s Terry-Fleece Crew-Neck Tunics; Jacket – J. Crew Factory Riptop Utility Jacket (sold out online, but still in stores – similar); Jeans – (from Levi’s Outlet Store) Modern Demi Curve Skinny Jeans; Shoes – from G.H. Bass & Co. Outlet (2012); Scarf – Merona Solid Pashmina Scarf (from Target)

I think I finally got this weekend trip packing business in the bag (pun intended).  If you don’t remember from one of my past trips to Chicago (this post), after years of trying to pack up my entire closet for every trip I took (no matter the length of stay), I finally learned to pack lightly but enough to provide me with cute, comfortable outfits for the duration of the trip.  This three-day trip was no exception.  Armed with nothing more than the items on my back (as seen in the photos above), an extra t-shirt, a gray sweatshirt dress, my American Eagle denim jacket, my Vans sneakers, my White Mountain suede booties, sleepwear (t-shirt and workout pants), and a plethora of undergarments and socks, I was able to contrive three outfits that I absolutely LOVED!!  Despite the limited wardrobe, I wanted for nothing I had hanging in my close back home.  
It was a sweet, sweet feeling.

This particular outfit is one that I came up with after seeing countless of Pinterest pins of neutral colored sweatshirts layered for the cooler fall season.  And let me tell you…while I love the warmth of summer, I absolutely ADORE the lightly layered outfits of fall.  And as I have said countless times in the past few posts (like here and here), I am obsessed with knee-high boots!  If for no other reason, the wardrobe of fall may push summer as my second favorite season.

Huzzah for Fall!!  😀

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