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Well, Hello There…

It seems like eons since I last posted on this blog…at least “almost a week” in the blogosphere equates to “eons.”  Unfortunately work and church activities have left me fairly busy recently, so coming up with interesting blog posts has not been a possibility.  My mental capacities are pretty much maxed out.  I’ve had ideas for post topics, but haven’t been able to put together the appropriate string of words to fully elaborate and paint a clear word picture like I would like to. 

So…the posts never happened…sad…

Luckily, one type of post that doesn’t normally take as much “mental wordplay gymnastics” are my outfit posts.  The outfits normally speak for themselves, and it seems a good bit of my readership likes them (or so is my interpretation from the view count).  So I guess, when in doubt, post an outfit.

Will do.

Indoor photos…because the sun goes down early now…doubly sad…

Dress – Gap Fleece Pleated Dress; SweaterOld Navy Boyfriend V-Neck Cardi (similar); Bootsfrom G.H. Bass & Co. Outlet (2012); Knee Socks from Banana Republic (old); Scarf – from Forever 21 (2012)

Remember when I mentioned that I had been lusting after a certain Madewell gray dress?  Well, it turns out that Gap got smart and decided to put out a VERY similar dress.  I happened to come across it as I was doing a little shopping at Eastwood a couple of weekends ago (while the hubby was in California for a conference).  I was so excited, I didn’t even look at the price tag as I grabbed it and made a beeline for the dressing room (this is SO not like me…I ALWAYS look at prices first).  Once I did finally look at the price tag ($65) and texted a photo of the dress to the hubby (he approved), I only hesitated a moment before marching to the register to make the dress mine.  I walked with such giddiness and joy, one could argue it was more like DANCING to the register. 

I was expecting to pay full price…after all, it was only a bit more than half of the price of the dress of my dreams (which is a MAJOR score, no matter how you cut it).  But the fact that the register applied a 40% off the tag price…icing on the cake!  I may or may not have let out a little shriek of joy when the price rang up $41.34 (including tax). 

I love this dress.  It’s possibly the most comfortable dress I have ever owned in my life.

Here’s a better view of the dress (without the cardigan covering it).  If it weren’t so cold (for fall…to me, anyway) here in Michigan right now, I would wear the dress like this.

So many possibilities…this is truly a dress for all seasons.  If I could, I would wear it every single waking moment of every single day…which, of course, could be detrimental to the life expectancy of this dress. 

Hopefully it will withstand the test of time (and I learn to wear it in moderation).

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