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Dear Friends and Family…

Apparently not quite ready to beam back onto the mother-ship yet…

In June of 2011, my husband and I packed up a good chunk of our lives (at least, what could fit into a two-bedroom apartment) and made our trek away from the South to the unfamiliar Midwest.  East Lansing, Michigan, to be exact.  Since then, we have been living out the past 2 years and almost five months not knowing where we would be and what we would be doing after his 3 year stint with the MSU Internal Medicine Residency program was over.

Will he be able to find a fellowship?  
If so, where?
If not, will he get a hospitalist job for a year and then apply again?  
Where then?

Needless to say, we had one STRESSFUL summer this year.

Well, after an interesting season of GI (Gastroenterology…the husband’s DREAM Internal Medicine sub-specialty) fellowship applications, interviews, and (a few) rejections, it seems that we have finally been dealt our next hand in this card game called “LIFE.”

Family and friends…and everyone else who by
happen-chance to land on this blog (welcome!)…
…we are apparently meant to be Michiganders for a while longer…

…because he got a GI fellowship position with MGI 
here in East Lansing!

He’s happy, and I’m (VERY) happy for him. 
So if you still have not had a chance to visit the great mitten state of the north (Michigan is the TRUE mitten!), I highly recommend you come up and partake in all that the state of Michigan has to offer.  
Cheering on the Spartans on at “home” for a few more years…GO GREEN!

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