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Just a Quick Update [I’M ALIVE! REALLY!]

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last update.  With the surgery out of the way, I was soon inundated with a flurry of activity over a short period of time (two weeks, people…TWO WEEKS!) in which the following has occurred…

  • The recovery after surgery (which was probably the easiest part of the whole two weeks)
  • The “Chungsgiving” invasion of our neighbors to the north, eh?  (for those who didn’t catch that, my side of the family and I visited Canada – Toronto and Niagara Falls – over the Thanksgiving weekend)
Niagara Falls in the WINTER TIME?  Fearless!
  • Returning to work, only to find out I have caught a nasty cold that is currently making me feeling completely useless.  BLEAH!

So it may not be a long list, but it’s not the number of bullet points that makes one busy but the amount of time and effort that goes into each one.

And trust me…LOTS of time and effort went into these.

I’m currently trying to catch up on some of the things that fell to the wayside because of said list of events.  One of them is to give you all a sneak peek into some blog posts you can expect to happen during this next month.

  • At least a couple of outfit posts – With Michigan winter upon us, I am less than enthusiastic about putting outfits together (like…actually trying to look somewhat fashion-forward).  I did, however, receive a bunch of new pieces from my sister who recently returned from Korea, so it gives me some different items to work with.  We’ll see if they inspire me.  But…not until I get over this cold (which would equate to a “PJs + Confinement to Bed” post…and, trust me, no one wants to see that).
  • More on the “Musings of a [Not Yet] Mommy” post series – This seems to be a topic many other women in my life have dealt with…more than I had ever imagined.  I have been so encouraged by others who have taken this road before me and have been blessed abundantly in the end.  I’ve also found comfort in the camaraderie with those who are struggling through this now.  Hoping there will be good news soon…not just for me, but for all of my fellow sisters who are struggling with these issues.
  • Highlights of possible holiday get-togethers and shindigs – Well, I assume so…I would like to think I’d be invited to some (and be able to attend)…or, at least, hold one of my own.  Maybe a holiday recipe or two?  Who knows!  The holidays are prime breeding ground for interesting and informative blog posts.
  • Reflections on the past year and hopes and prayers for the New Year
Hope everyone has recovered from their tryptophan induced comas!
(especially those who are still dealing with the unending leftovers 
that have commandeered their fridge)  

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