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[A Lesson Learned about Style] "Seasonal Slumps"

So at the beginning of this month, I had such high hopes and made some promises I have (obviously) not kept to you all, my peeps in the blogosphere.  I did not blog about all the things going on in my life this past month.  I did not blog about the outfits I wore.  I did not blog about the apparent musings I was supposed to have as a “not-yet mommy”.

I apologize…and use the ever so popular “life/work got busy” excuse.

But I DID spend a few moments to ask the hubby to take my Christmas Day outfit photos.  This was all done as we were rushing to our car to race to Celebration! Cinemas in West Lansing to watch “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” in IMAX 3D.  This was definitely the most expensive movie we have seen since arriving here in Michigan at $15 per person…and it honestly didn’t impress me as much as I thought it would.

But I digress…and mourn the loss of $30 not well spent (in my book).

I am a frequent reader of several fashion/style blogs, and one thing I have noticed is that during the winter season, some of them become quite sparse in the posting of new outfits.  Others keeps on keep-oning and posts outfits on a near daily basis…and those are all outfits I could MAYBE manage during the late summer/late spring/early fall seasons.  Basically, these are the bloggers that live in warmer climates around the country – Texas and California, to mention the two more popular blogger states.

Of course, it’s pretty easy to identify the issue with outfit blogging in colder climates…

Say hello to my extremely warm parka-ish coat!

No matter how cute the outfit, it is difficult to take photos of them outdoors (where lighting is BEST) because the frigid temperatures force you to don that oversized coat that separates you from the elements.  This particular coat is one we purchased for me our first winter in Michigan from the Calvin Klein outlet store.  It has served me well since then (we’re now on our third winter here), so spending the (approximately) $60 on it was well worth the investment (and an insane deal to boot).

But it does make me sad that it covers up whatever cute outfit I may have on.  So I usually resort to wearing whatever I can to keep myself warm, and not concern myself so much with the “looking of the cuteness”.  And in all honesty, I usually resort to this general outfit.

I braved the cold and took off the parka (photo on right)…just for y’all!

Top – Old Navy Women’s Perfect Tees (long sleeved) + Cropped Sweater (gift from sister from Korea, similar style here); Jacket – Leather Jacket (gift from sister from Korea, similar style here); Jeans – (from Levi’s Outlet Store) Modern Demi Curve Skinny Jeans; Shoes – from Winter 2012-13 (G.H. Bass & Co. Outlet); Scarf – (from Target) Merona Plaid Scarf (can only find similar in men’s style here); Coat – CALVIN KLEIN Hooded Puffer Jacket With Faux Fur Trim

Jeans…winter boots…a sweater layered over a generic long sleeved t-shirt…maybe an additional jacket…scarf…and, of course, my down coat…the makings of a warm winter outfit in the Midwest.  And I very seldom vary from this combination – it’s just that the colors/patterns/jacket tends to change.  But can you blame me, really?  It’s cold.  I’m all about trying not to die of hypothermia at this point, so trying to stay in style is a far second on my priority list.

So for those of you who are sharing in the frigid temperatures, stay warm!

The rest of you (in warmer climates)…can I come live with you?
I’m kidding…maybe…

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