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A Brief Thaw…

Dress – Gap Fleece Pleated Dress; Jacket – American Eagle Faded Demin Jacket; Boots – Wriley Riding Boots (from Naturalizers Outlet Store, in store only); Tights – Black Fleeced-Lined Tights (from Korea); Scarf – (from Target) Merona Green Knit Scarf (purchased Winter 2012)

Happy Monday, everyone!  This is the second time this year that I can officially say that I am truly happy it’s Monday,  Why?  Because it’s the Monday wedged between a weekend and a 2 day holiday. So it’s going to actually feel like a Friday.  Any day of the week that feels like a Friday (whether it is or not said day of week) is going to make me happy.

We were undoubtedly blessed this weekend with some above-freezing temperatures.  It’s really nice to see the ground again…and to see the trees no longer ominously bowing toward the ground, just barely standing under the weight of the thick layers of ice and snow upon their branches.  The melting of this ice and snow is definitely a great reprieve from the week-long ice storm that has left a good number of people in Michigan without power….through the Christmas holiday, no less!  Some, to this day, have yet to see their lights (and more importantly HEAT) come on. 

It’s really bad…and I hope and pray for the power to be restored quickly.

With this brief warming trend, I decided to put on a dress (with tights) for church Sunday.  It was wonderful to actually take the time to put this outfit together…even if the only thing we did after church was head to the laundromat and grocery store.  Unfortunately, the warm weather didn’t last long, and I felt the distinct chill of freezing temperatures returning.  Apparently, all we have to look forward to this week are highs in the teens (Fahrenheit – for all of my non-US folks out there, that equates to around -12 to -7 degrees Celsius).

In other news, I started reading The Hunger Games series.  I received the three book (paperback) series as a Christmas gift from the husband (he did GOOD!) and have been devouring one chapter after another.  It took me about 10 hours (broken up over two evenings), but I have finished the first book.  I’m really glad I saw the movie before reading the book…I would have been sorely disappointed in the movie had I read the book first.  So now I’m wondering if it’s worth waiting to read Mockingjay after the movie, which means waiting until next year. 

Yeah right…as if I’m capable of waiting that long to find out what happens next.  
I’ll probably have all three books finished by the end of the week.

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