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Waiting for the Sun to Shine…

Top – LOFT 1/2 Sleeve Shirt (old); Dress – Gap Navy Shift Dress (no longer available); Jacket – American Eagle Faded Denim Jacket; Boots – Wriley Riding Boots (Naturalizers Outlet Store); Tights – Black Fleece-Lined Tights; Scarf – Old Navy Over-Sized Plaid Scarf (available in stores on clearance)

Don’t let the photos fool you.  It is (still) freezing outside in East Lansing.  I braved the cold and went outdoors without my parka-ish coat so that I could (finally) take some long overdue outfit photos.

Either I’m really brave or really stupid.  My vote would be on the latter.

I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who would understand (even empathize) with me when I say this winter just needs to come to an end…immediately.  This winter has been beyond anything that I was prepared to handle.  The snow doesn’t stop and the temperature has not been above freezing point since December.  Asking this summer-lovin’ southern girl to suffer through week after week of constant snowfall and below freezing temperatures for that long is just too much.

See that?  All that snow piled up around me?  Yeah…thigh-high, folks. 
Luckily, there are supposed be a couple days this week where the temperatures will actually be above freezing (as of today, forecast to be in the low 40s).  While I know it will be short lived, a break from the constant shivering and cold-induced migraines would be nice.

Until then, I will continue to wear an absurd number of layers and yearn for the day I won’t have to worry about tracking snow and slush onto my living room carpet.

But…that just seems like an impossible dream right now…*sigh*…
Hope y’all are having a GREAT weekend!
(Despite the cold.)

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