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…and yesterday, the sun came out…

Dress – Gap Fleece Pleated Dress (2013); SweaterCropped Sweater (gift from sister from Korea, similar style here); BootsWriley Riding Boots (Naturalizers Outlet Store); Tights – Black Fleece-Lined Tights (from Korea);  Coat – Forever 21 Belted Double Breasted Long Red Coat (2013); Accessories – Fendi Sunglasses (gift); Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB 4th Generation; Pewter Pendant Necklace (gift)

The sun came out yesterday. The temperature hit the low 40s as well.

After months of below freezing temperature (complete with cloudy skies that opened the snowy floodgates on a weekly basis), I’m sure y’all can understand why this is such a blog-worthy event. I enjoyed going out without my overstuffed parka (replaced with this MUCH lighter Forever 21 pea coat) and being able to wear fewer layers without feeling like I was freezing to death.

Sadly, the warm, sunny weather decided to turn on me. It’s still warm, don’t get me wrong.  But after the sun and warmth began to thaw the snow and ice, the night brought temperatures just cold enough to freeze a thin layer of water, turning melted snow into an invisible sheet of black ice. I slipped on that ice this morning…and fell…hard…on my back, hitting my head on the said ice. It hurt, and will likely continue to hurt in the the form of camping muscles in my back and neck (and a faint fuzzy headache to boot).

So if this blog post is sounding a bit muddled or disjointed, 
forgive me…my brains may have been addled some from the impact.

I’m more than ready for Spring at this point.  Hopefully it will make an appearance sooner rather than later.

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