[The Closet Chronicles] Welcome into My Wardrobe!

It was 15 months ago when I first began my journey towards creating a new look and style for myself (and documenting said journey here in “Everyday Lessons”). Looking back over the dozens of outfits that have made it onto this blog, it’s pretty clear that my fashion sense and personal style has evolved…and continues to evolve…and time goes by.  I’m pretty happy with my transformation, and look forward to seeing how my style will change from here on out.

In preparation for a whole new season of creating outfits (Spring is officially here, even if the warmer temperatures aren’t), I’ve begun the process of re-assessing and re-organizing the very place where all of the “magic” happens – my closet.  I’m once again looking to rid it of those items that simply take up space and honestly have no place in my life (now and possibly EVER) and replace them with pieces that I believe will serve me better.  In short, rebuilding my wardrobe.

As I started developing my plan of attack (inspired by Kendi Everyday), I thought it would be a good idea to document the process, sharing with all of you how I go about re-creating my closet and the wardrobe within. 

One disclaimer – the process I follow, and the wardrobe I hope to end up with, is what works best for me.  While what I share here may inspire you, everyone needs to create a wardrobe that works for them and their own style (for more on how I defined my own personal style, go here).

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2 thoughts on “[The Closet Chronicles] Welcome into My Wardrobe!

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