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…and with a tip of the hat…

Top – Gap Outlet Store Striped Sweatshirt (in store only);  Jeans – Levi’s Modern Demi Curve Skinny Jeans; Boots – Wriley Riding Boots (Naturalizers Outlet Store); Necklace – Spring Potpourri Bib Necklace (Bauble; Hat – Forever 21 Bowler Hat (purchased on clearance)

Be honest…does the hat work for me? 

It’s finally happened!  Daytime freezing temperatures have finally given in and decided to move on. The fact I was able to wear this outfit without a coat and still be able to manage a smile…miraculous! Now if only evening/nighttime temperatures could follow suit, we can officially say goodbye to winter and hello to (Michigan) spring.

Recently, I have found myself being more and more willing to spend a bit more on each individual piece of clothing (sometimes even *GASP* at full price!) because I’ve been getting into the habit of purchasing more quality pieces that I know I’ll wear a lot as opposed to cheaper items I feel I may simply cast off after a few wears. I’m finally getting it into my thick skull that purchasing a bit pricier things and keeping them and wearing them for longer actually saves more money than buying cheaper things that I only buy because they are cheap.

I’m learning…slowly but surely…

One item I’ve been really excited about is the bubble statement necklace.  I had been looking for this particular necklace for a while, and finally found a good quality one on for a fraction of the price.  A statement necklace like this really adds polish and pop to a simple sweatshirt/jeans outfit.  If you’re interested, BaubleBar is still selling this necklace at the sale price…but they are going fast, so make sure to check it out soon. You’re welcome.

UPDATE: Looks like the BaubleBar necklace is officially sold out.  Sorry, folks!

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