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One Dress, Two Looks

Dress – Women’s Poplin-Crepe Dress (Old Navy); Blazer – White Boyfriend Ponte Rolled Sleeves Blazer (; Tights – from Korea; Boots – Wriley Riding Boots (Naturalizers Outlet Store); Necklace – Olivia Welles Sunburst Drop Pendant Necklace (; Sunglasses – Fendi Sunglasses (gift)


Dress – Women’s Poplin-Crepe Dress (Old Navy); Shirt – V-Neck Favorite Tee (Tommy Hilfiger Company Store); Jacket – American Eagle Faded Denim Jacket; Tights – from Korea; Boots – Holta Lace-Up Boots (ALDO Outlet Store); Necklace – Olivia Welles Sunburst Drop Pendant Necklace (

It’s bad…really bad.  Now that the sun is shining and the winter is officially in retreat from the premises, the Spring fashion displays are doing a number on my willpower.  Let’s just say that my wallet (and the plastic within) has gotten quite a workout in the past couple of weeks.  But…I’m in the process of building my Spring wardrobe…and I think I’ve pretty much gotten the pieces I need.

My husband doesn’t believe me when I say that.
Honestly, I don’t 100% believe me either.

May I please turn your attention to this dress?  I am in love with this dress.  It cost me a mere $25 at Old Navy, and I already have HUGE plans for it.  I love it when I find a piece that I automatically begin pairing with the items already in my closet in my mind…as soon as I lay eyes on it.  Hence, the two outfits.  I “dressed up” the dress for church this morning with a white blazer, and then changed both boots and jacket for a more casual look. 

And trust me…I can think of another dozen ways to wear this dress.  
Cardigans, blouses, heels, sandals, flats…the possibilities seem endless! 

Not only is the dress versatile, it is also the perfect combination of the navy dress and floral print dress I have sought out for the past year.  I really have to give Old Navy credit for reading my mind and giving me a cheaper (MUCH cheaper) solution to my two dress problem.  Because I was able to knock out two of my “Closet Staples” list items, I could also purchase the white dress I had been seeking for almost as long as the navy/floral one! 

Thank you Old Navy!  You rock my world.

[In no way is this post sponsored by any of the listed companies…including Old Navy.  I just likes what I likes, and I give credit where it’s due.  So for those of you looking for Spring dresses right now, go to Old Navy, or, before their sale ends!]

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