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Musings of a [Not Yet] Mommy | Chapter 8

Nine weeks ago today, I wrote this post announcing to the world that I had taken a test, the results of which would alter the course of my life forever.  It was a simple test, with no real right or wrong answer, but oh so important nonetheless. 

It was a memorable morning, to say the least.  It was the morning after the death of this lovely angel, who went to be with Jesus after a long and hard battle with neuroblastoma.  All of MSU, as well as other college students all over the United States, were united that day in remembering a young life that impacted so many with her smile and positive outlook on life.  Not even cancer in its harshest form could dampen her resolve to live her life to the fullest…no matter how short it may have been.

I was a real wreck that day…waiting for life-changing test results 
and mourning the loss of such a precious life.

But by the end of the work day, once my heart had pretty much cried itself out, leaving me numb and hopeless, I received the call.  It was the call I had both dreaded and anticipated at the same time.  With so much sadness wrapped up into one day on one campus (April 9, 2014 at Michigan State University), I prepared myself for another devastatingly emotional K.O. 

So what were the results?
Maybe this will help answer that question for you.

No?  Okay, maybe THIS then…

Still confused?  Well then, maybe Hudson can help explain.

Yes, much to Hudson’s dismay (actually, I can’t tell how he’s feeling…but he knows something is up), the An family will be increasing in number by one little munchkin. 

Say hello to “Baby An”!!

As of tomorrow (Thursday), I will be 13 weeks pregnant.  At this point, it’s still feels surreal.  Other than the slowly protruding belly, OB appointments where we get to see/hear baby, and extreme fatigue, it’s hard to believe there is a living being growing inside of me.  I am excited, emotional, scared, anxious, and hopeful all at the same time.

And the “baby brain” pregnant women/mothers of infants talk about?
All real…OH SO REAL!!

As someone who has waited so long for the opportunity to carry a baby, hopefully to term, it seems nothing short of a miracle.  So thank you to all of our family and friends who have been praying for us through this process.  And thank you to all of you, my readers, for following the saga of this “Not Yet Mommy’s” musings.  The story will continue, and hopefully in 27 weeks, we will welcome a brand new An family member into the fold.

And I will be able to share with you “Musings of a[n Actual] Mommy” from that point on.

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