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Musings of a [Not Yet] Mommy | Chapter 11

20 weeks.

Today, I have reached the midpoint of my first pregnancy.  It seems impossible, yet I can’t remember what it feels like NOT to be pregnant anymore.

It’s odd how my brain can ponder such paradoxes of life and yet can’t remember simple vocabulary words it normally could produce on the fly at any given moment.  Today, it was “vetted” that I lost from my ever diminishing list of commonly used words.

This kid had better turn out to be a genius, because 
he’s obviously sucking all of my existing brainpower out of me.
Which leads me to my next point – trying to write blog posts while working a demanding job and incubating the offspring is something that is apparently beyond my capabilities.  Even now as I type these words, my mind begins to slowly fade into a state of numb blankness that rids me of my ability to…
…wait…what was I saying?
So instead of attempting to write profound things about how I feel about this midpoint in my pregnancy (which is pretty much NOT going to happen, no matter how much I try), here are a few recent photos of things that have me more than a little excited about meeting this kid in 20 more weeks (give or take).

This lovely lady just had the sweetest little baby girl!!
I hope “wee bear” and my little munchkin will be great friends too!
Hudson is getting used to the idea that another human is on the way.
Cute, feetie pajamas make an almost-mama’s heart melt.
The munchkin at 20 weeks…yes, he loves getting his picture taken
Happy End-of-July, everyone!!
(I know…I can hardly believe it either.)

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