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Musings of a Mommy | Chapter 17

This is a post I started but was unable to finish until now (thanks to a certain life-changing event that occurred).  Better late than never, right?

It’s December 28, 2014…11:30pm.  The Christmas holidays are over, and I feel like I missed the entire thing.

I sit in a hospital bed at Sparrow Hospital on the pediatric floor, watching the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburg Steelers duke it out.  This has been my life for the past almost-five-days…sitting in a hospital bed and watching some sort of football game on the tinier-than-ours television, because this year I received one of the most precious gifts a “Not-Yet Mommy” could ask for.

I officially became a Mommy…a real, all honest truth, no longer waiting to be “Mommy”.
(You may have already realized it from the minor deletion from the title of this blog series.)
It was a relatively easy delivery process – the contractions beginning on Tuesday evening, going to Labor & Delivery to be triaged then admitted Wednesday 2:30am (yes, on Christmas Eve), and pushing for three hours into the wee hours of the night until this beautiful creature officially entered the world on Christmas Day 2014 at 12:32am (he was the first Christmas baby born at Sparrow this year).  Yes, the process was painful and long.  Yes, the recovery will be painful and even longer.  But we were in and out of the hospital within 74 hours.

Or…so we thought…

At home that same night, we attempted to put our new baby to sleep.  Attempted…to no avail.  He was crying and screaming constantly throughout the night, and no matter how many times we attempted to soothe him, how long he breastfed, and what clothing we put on him, he would not go to sleep.  Throughout this process, his temperature began to fluctuate between 99 and 101 degrees.  Finally, at 5:00am on Saturday, December …just 13 hours after being discharged from the hospital, we were being told by the pediatrician on-call to head to the Emergency Room with our two-day-old baby.

He was the tiniest little thing…all of the ER personnel couldn’t get over how tiny.

And we have been at the hospital since, dealing with blood/urine/spinal fluid cultures, antibiotics, antivirals, jaundice, and the ongoing battle with learning to breastfeed (while supplementing with formula because the kid needed to eat SOMETHING as his body fought the rising bilirubin levels). To top it off, I have been dealing with my own hormone-driven demons of postpartum depression.  Every poke and prod by doctors and nurses would send me into tears.  I could not be in the same room as they drew samples and put in IVs.  I have been a complete mess.

 In the Peds ER, waiting to be admitted to the floor…

Such a trooper…looks microscopic in that humongous bed!!

His personal “tanning bed”…JAUNDICE, BE GONE!!

Luckily for me, I wasn’t going through this alone.  My ever faithful and amazing husband has been my rock and comfort through this entire process.  He is the one who sat with our baby as the medical personnel did all the necessary procedures.  He is the one who comforted a completely messed up wife and new mother.  And even in his one moment of weakness, as he too broke down in tears over the plight of his firstborn son, he demonstrated that it was okay to be devastated by the state of affairs.

 A man and his son…some of the most beautiful moments.
So here we are…the tail end of our short but turbulent journey through the arrival of our first born.  Our son is feeling much better, his vitals are normal, and no infections have been found in any of the blood/urine/spinal fluid cultures yet.  If all goes well, we will be able to head home tomorrow.  As nice as it has been to have nurses, techs, residents, and attendings at our beck and call (all have been so very helpful, kind, and loving), we are looking forward to establishing our “new normal” in the comforts of our home.
It’s been a real trial by fire.  But despite it all, we know that God has been behind it.  We have learned so much about parenthood in the first few days, and feel that, while we have a ways to go, we are capable learners.  
Here’s to the next phase in our lives…with baby in tow!

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