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New Beginnings

So the most common reaction I have been getting since the last post is, “You got a new job?? Where???” (or some variation thereof). Since I announced to the world (my Facebook world, which consists of just 500+ people) of my departure from MSUCOM here on my blog, I may as well announce where I landed after said departure.

I landed here…

…hmmmm…the building…she looks mighty familiar…

Yes folks…that IS my church. And that IS where I now work as “Coordinator-Administration of Worship Gatherings” (that’s the title on the church org chart, anyway).
Most of my reasons for leaving MSUCOM shall remain between myself and the folks there (who were all so very supportive of my decision to leave…and for that, I cannot thank them enough). But the MAIN reason I left that position for this job is simply this – it was something new that not only allows me to BE the OCD, Type A psycho that I am (#sorryimnotsorry), but also lets me dabble in my creative side. I get to work in a place surrounded by other insanely talented and creative people who need said “OCD, Type A psycho” like myself to help bring all that brilliance to life. 
How could I pass up an opportunity like that?
Of course, there are several things on my agenda to do…getting familiar with my surroundings, learning the inner-workings of this whole “worship gatherings” business, wrapping my head around exactly what I will be tasked with/responsible for…
…and of course, there’s this…
…you gotta see the potential here…
Yeah…not much here, huh? But it’s a blank slate, and I FINALLY have an opportunity to do with a space what I want (within reason, of course). 
I’ve already started pulling stuff out of drawers and storage at home to use at work….
Hello, Stuff-I-Otherwise-Would-Never-Get-to-Use!
…and the folks here have already been kind enough to add items/make some adjustments to the room like this…and have offered to help me with much more!
**By the way, the fact that I have a door I can close without closing off someone else’s office as well…something I DO NOT take for granted. It is a luxury I have not had for the past 3-and-a-half years.**
And now, I’m making a list of things I’m going to need in order to make this room functional and comfortable. Without a doubt, this is a blog post just DYING to be written…once I really get started on the office design process.

EEEEEEEEEEEEE!! (#excitedcanyoutell)
But even more important and exciting than that, I get to work with some AWESOME people here. It was hard leaving some AMAZING people at MSUCOM (miss you all so much!). But the welcome I received here and the love people have shown me has definitely helped in the transition.
So thank you, Trinity Church family, for doing your very best to make me feel at home. 
I am VERY excited about this new chapter in my life.

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