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Office Space (A Journey of Design) | Step One – Furniture Re-Design

It’s been a while folks! Between an up-swing in work projects, attempting to maintain some level of domesticity, and the entire tribe trying to get over two overlapping illnesses, the blogging fell by the wayside. It’s inevitable – there will be stretches of time in our lives where we must endure the combination of physical and mental ailments from a multitude of areas of our lives. It just seems to become more complicated now that there is a “mini-us” in the picture.

But that’s ok…he’s so stinking’ cute.
So as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I started a new job. With this job came a new office…a fairly empty, bare office with a chair and a desk…and not much personality.
Attempting to bring in SOME amount of decorative appeal…
My office was pretty much a blank slate, waiting for me to bring some life to it…my own flavor. But it took me a while to figure out what it is I wanted in this office – combination of getting used to a new environment and set of tasks with just plain consternation of how to pull off an office revamp with my less than stellar decorating/DIY skills. But I finally got a chance to pull together some ideas to start making my office my own.

Word of Warning: Do NOT (under any circumstances) believe any of this to be an instructional blog on office decorating. I am not very good at the decorating process at all. I’m just sharing how I’m getting this office to look less like a sad, empty cube with no life.

Case in point…

This is the blueprint of the office furniture layout I put together for our facilities folks. They had promised that they would be able to build custom furniture from old pieces lying around the building as long as I provided them with the proper specifications. Let it be known that there were several problems with this sketch:

  • The desk measurements were completely off. I was going by the measurements I took of desks we found around the building. Apparently, I need to learn how to use a tape measure properly.
  • Look at the massive chair! Another result of my less than stellar tape measuring skills.
  • The layout on paper looks a lot more roomy than the resulting layout of the office. Again…need lessons on measuring with tape.
  • I overestimated the height of my desks (was hoping for taller, “stand-up desk” designs, which the facilities folks told me would be possibly to custom make with the existing desks in the building). They had to cut my measurements by over half a foot to make it short enough for me. 
So yes…the planning could have been an utter disaster, had it not been for facilities folks being SO MUCH MORE experienced than I in this kind of thing. #thankful
Here is the result of the furniture redesign.
As I said before, the desks here were your run-of-the-mill sit down corporate style desks. Jerry (the primary facilities guy who put all of this together for me) actually took pieces from multiple desk sets and cut/reworked them to create these stand-up level L-shaped desk for me. It looks so professional…like it was brand new!
Here’s a view of what’s behind the desk. This desk was completely custom made for me. Even the drawers you see on the far left was a small filing cabinet that was laying around the building that Jerry screwed into the desk for me. I’m telling you, when you have amazingly talented facilities folks around, amazing things can get accomplished even if you are completely inept at stuff like this like I am.
Here’s the Worship Arts Mac Mini (which houses all of our music). This has officially been turned over to me, as I am now in charge of making sure our musicians have the resources they need to do what they do. Note how amazingly well it fits into this desk scheme.
Underneath are the subwoofer and my violin (which, along with my guitar, I brought here). Notice how PERFECTLY these items fit here. Jerry just did a phenomenal job when he put this together. He made these perfect spaces for my equipment that I didn’t even know I needed.
Finally, here’s a bookshelf that the guys found in the building. I LOVE how it looks in my office, with its curved sides. I plan to bring in some of the books I have at home to keep here. It’s like having a whole ‘nother storage room for the things in my life that I know I could use, but never get a chance to. The next step, of course, is to start bringing this “stuff” in.
But…that’s a post for another day.

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