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Musings of a Mommy | Chapter 21

Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to sit and really think about putting words on this blog. I’ve been considering whether I have the time to even keep up with writing regularly. Ultimately, do I even have the time and mental capacity to maintain a blog at all. It’s a question I continue to struggle with, as I’m not truly ready to relinquish this little space where I can be me – a creative outlet where I can allow my brain to vent the sheer number and gravity of thoughts that could otherwise drive me mad.

So, despite the irregularity, I continue to write…for sanity’s sake.
This past week was a hodgepodge of travel, fun, and utter exhaustion. I’m actually excited about being back at work, where I can allow my mind rest from constantly worrying about planning the next activity, how to get there, and what I needed to get together in order to keep the littlest of us safe and healthy. I found out just how physically and mentally demanding travel with an infant is…especially when you do it without the assistance of the significant other. Don’t get me wrong…I did have tons of help in the form of munchkin’s aunts and uncles. But it’s difficult not to feel you’re imposing on them and their enjoyment of their vacation by asking them to take on so much responsibility for your offspring. So I took on most of the care and carrying…and they took over when they could tell I was at my wits end (such grace…I could never repay).

Still, it was all TOTALLY worth the trouble. To see the excitement and wonder in my child’s face…I can see why parents go through the toil and trouble to venture out to vacations unknown. It was overwhelmingly satisfying to give the munchkin a chance to explore and discover.

Here are some photos from the week’s travels.
May 16-18, 2015 DDW Conference (Washington, DC)
The munchkin and I had tagged along with InChul/Tyler when he went to the DDW Conference (apparently the yearly mega-meeting of all things Gastroenterology related). I’ve been to DC too many times to count…but this time felt like the first time, knowing we had one person along who had never seen any of this before.
…leeeeaving on a jet plane…
We got the hotel upgrade of the CENTURY!! SO. NICE!!
Rolling around in the lap of luxury…he’s so spoiled!!
Sleeping in heavenly peace…on one expensive bed!!

…and, of course, had to see at least SOME of the sites of the DC area…


Baby An for POTUS 2052!!
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Seeking pick-i-nick baskets…
This animal is only a tad taller than me.
Finally getting to meet stylish Aunt Dareen (he was pretty styling’ too)

May 21-24, 2015 Aunt Danni’s WTS Graduation (Philadelphia, PA)
Baby An’s Aunt Danni has been studying at Westminster Theological Seminary for the past four years, and just graduated with her Masters of Divinity. While InChul/Tyler couldn’t make it to the ceremony due to work, Baby An and I felt we HAD to go celebrate with Aunt Danni.

We’re so proud of you, Danni eemo!!
Baby An has some CRAZY aunties and uncles
Just. TOO. DANG. CUTE!!!

Of course, now that we have returned home, we’re getting ready for a move to a new home as well as another trip to Toronto to see Baby An’s Abby noona and friend Caleb. This summer is jam-packed with fun new adventures for him, and we’re only just getting started.

Pray for us…we’re going to need all the supernatural power we can get.

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