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Office Space (A Journey of Design) | Step Two – Wall #1 [aka The Command Center]

*Disclaimer: This post has not be sponsored by anyone. I have not been paid in any way by any entity for this post. They just happen to have the items that helped me put this all together.*
So it seems I have hit another snag in my blogging. I honestly have no desire to mention exactly how long it has been since my last post (but I will…1 month, 1 week, and 5 days). When life gets busy with travels and in-laws moving in (permanently…and I’m actually okay with it), there are things that get left by the wayside, I suppose. In my case, it always seems to be my desire to write and post blog entries.
But I suppose it’s about time to put “fingers to keyboard” and continue on my little journey of office design.
I actually finished putting my office together a little while ago, but haven’t had a chance to really document the process in photos. So I will try to explain to you the process as best I can without making this post the next “War and Peace.”

After my first post about the redesign of furniture (check it out here), I decided my next wall to scale would be this one…

…literally…a wall…with some amount of scaling (because my 5’3″-ness just wasn’t adequate for some of what I had to do to complete this project).
Here is the wall about 80% complete…
Here are the items I collected to put on my wall…I think I may have spent less than $30 getting it to this stage (mainly because I used items that were lying around at work and at home). Note, if money was spent on anything, it was spent by me…personally. I did this purposely to try and limit my spending as much as possible (if I’m spending my own money, I’ll use less of it, right?).
  • First and foremost…MAKE 3M COMMAND STRIPS YOUR BEST FRIENDS in projects like these. Especially these ones. I probably use them 90% of the time when hanging picture frames and other flat, regularly shaped items on the wall (unless they are too heavy or bulky for the strips). Get to know them! They make hanging and removing things from walls oh so simple!
  • The cork boards were the first items I received to put on my wall. Mike (one of my co-workers) was so awesome in scrounging these up for me. They had been used in the church “green room” (the back room that the worship and tech arts volunteers use to hang out before worship begins), but were taken down during the last remodel. I had always wanted to try putting multiple square cork boards like these on a wall instead of one large one…so this obviously gave me the opportunity to do so. Thanks, Mike!

You can purchase similar cork boards at Target for just $9.49 plus tax each!

  • The chalkboard that completed the square of boards on the wall was purchased at Target for $9.99 plus tax. I could have put a square whiteboard there instead, of course…but there’s something about a chalkboard that just adds a bit a flair to the design of the office.  It makes me happy, without a doubt…and when you add a bit of “happy” to a work design, it makes your 9 to 5 just that much more enjoyable. Make of note of that, folks!
By the way…the chalkboard is magnetic too.  SCORE!!
  • The clipboards on the right were an idea I got from Pinterest (how did we EVER do anything before Pinterest?). Instead of crowding important information like Emergency Exits and Emergency Button locations on the cork boards (where the information could get buried), I thought quick reference on a clipboard would work a lot better…and makes me feel safer knowing the information could so easily be found. These clipboards I found in the front office supply area. They had been used around the church in the past, and then left in storage for someone like me to swoop it up and use it as I saw fit.
But for those of you who don’t have a clipboard just lying around,
you can pick these up at your local Dollar Tree for cheap!!
  • Along with my long picture frame (to the left of the cork boards), I used my handy-dandy level I had purchased from Home Depot eons ago (one of the best purchases for room design purposes…EVER!) to align these items. Notice I have the items spaced out where they seem to form one large board. This, again was a Pinterest idea that I had been dying to try for a long time. I simply used the width of my level to demarcate the distance between the items…and then adjust as needed to make they all align with one another. ‘Twas pretty easy!
If you would like to purchase your own handy-dandy level,
check out this one. Pretty similar to mine…except mine was 
a different brand and color.
Here is the wall at about 95% complete…adding about $30 more to the total cost…
  • You probably noticed I didn’t mention the smaller frames at the top (and now also left) of the rest of the items. That’s because, in the previous photo, I didn’t have enough to complete the look I was going for (my local Target had only 3 in stock). So I ran back to Target a couple weeks later and purchased 4 more to complete this wall. I can’t seem to find these online, but they were purchased in store for about $4 each (on sale). I also added my favorite family photos as well as my two favorite bible verses in these frames.
  • The smaller cork board on the left was purchased long ago and remained unused at home. I had space on my wall, so decided to bring it in to add to my frame/board collage. I’ll probably pin random photos to it later, when I get a chance.
  • Finally, the black bucket on the far right was added to hold push pins for the cork boards. The bucket was purchased at Target for $1. The push pins (which are wooden instead of plastic), as well as the six larger magnets shown on the chalkboard, were splurge purchases, as they cost me $5 and $3 respectively . Again, just a few things to make this office a happier place for me!
…and is the final incarnation of the wall…
  • The only changes I made was taking one of the clipboards off the wall and placing the bucket of push pins (and now a Chalk Ink white chalk marker, purchased on Amazon) where the clipboard was. I had to do this because…well…there was an addition made to my office on the wall to the right of the bucket that took away the space from whence the bucket came.
You’ll get to see that in one of the coming installments of this series!
  • Finally, after a bit of deliberation and trial/error, I finally put something on the chalkboard (again, using Chalk Ink purchased on Amazon). I’m kind of OCD about printing/calligraphy, so it definitely took a lot of writing-erasing-writing-erasing-getting frustrated-writing-throwing my hands up in surrender. It turned out pretty nice, so I’ll let it slide…until I have the desire to completely redo it.
So all in all, my command center wall is pretty much done (for the time being). I don’t have any plans to add anything (other than work related items on the cork boards/chalkboard…and maybe switch out photos as time goes by), so until I have the need to do a complete office upheaval, this is what you will see when you walk in my door.
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