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New Year (kind of), New Resolve (The 2016 Project)

Hello blogger world!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here. My last post was on September 4th, folks. SEPTEMBER 4th…2015!!

Since then, my world has been completely consumed by this precious creature…


…and getting through both Christmas and Easter at work…

…and for those of you who have no earthly clue why Christmas and Easter would take up so much time, just trust me when I say that when one works in a church, those events are like the Super Bowl and NBA Finals of the Christian world. Compound that with weekend services, other special events (including a couple MAJOR concerts), and general day-to-day work tasks…

…all in all, let’s just say blogging wasn’t something that 
was at the forefront of my priority list as of late.
When 2016 began, one of my goals for the year was to blog at least once a month. And while I have dismally failed to do so in the first few months, I still wanted to get back into the swing of things, blog-wise.
Better late than never, am I right?
However, I’ve also come to the realization that my previous “just blog when I feel like it” method has led to this fairly extensive hiatus. I’m a creature of passing fancies, and when the newness or the intrigue of a project fades, so does my will to follow through (you can tell this from the lack of consistency and any amount of thematic singularity in this blog…go ahead…skim through the posts and you’ll see what I mean).
The only way I know how to counteract my overall fickleness and laziness in blogging is to create a consistent pattern of habits when it comes to this project. So in the name of rekindling my passion for the written typed word, my new goal is to actually post a blog post on the Monday of EACH WEEK, with a specific category of topics for each week of the month.
  • 1st Monday – Last Month at a Glance

In the past, I made it a point to give a general update as to the goings-on of the An family the month before. This was especially because we moved to Michigan, and I wanted to set up an outlet to keep family and friends in the loop with our lives. The 1st Monday of each month will be re-dedicated to bringing family and friends up to speed by talking about special events from the previous month.

  • 2nd Monday – [Bullet Journaling] My Take on the Phenomenon that is…

For those of you who do not know what “Bullet Journaling” is, please refer to Ryder Carroll’s video here. Ryder Carroll is the original creator of the “Bullet Journal” system, and this system boasts an extremely flexible method that one can personalize to fit their own planning needs. While his system is extremely simple and straightforward, the BuJo Planning Community has taken it and created an endless number of spreads and uses. Just go to any social media outlet and search for “bullet journal” or “BuJo.”

I have been using my own bullet journal since August 2015. It has pretty much been how I have counteracted “mommy brain” by “brain dumping” all of the to-do items floating around in my brain that just doesn’t seem to stick around long enough for me to remember to do them. Feel free to take a peek into how I keep my life in order (in a way that really satisfies my crafty/creative side) the 3rd Monday of every month.

  • 3rd Monday –  [Personal Style] Clothes, Make-Up, and Home

You’ve seen these posts before (here, here, and here…and so many more)! Every 3rd Monday, I will share what goes into my own personal, everyday, “just your average female/mom/working woman” style. It has evolved a good bit since I started blogging outfits, and have evolved even more since I stopped (let’s just say that post-pregnancy has lent itself to a very unique set of criteria for what I choose to include in my wardrobe). I’m really looking forward to exploring this aspect of my day-to-day life again, and see where my style goes from here.

  • 4th Monday – A Month of Motherhood

Motherhood is an all-consuming aspect of my life now. But there are many lessons and joys that comes from this new topsy-turvy lifestyle that I wouldn’t trade for the world. the 4th Monday of each month will be dedicated to what I learn about motherhood (and all the wonderful new skills that comes with it).

  • 5th Monday – Streams of Consciousness

…and for those months with a 5th Monday…while I’m going to leave those Mondays open for me to take a break from blogging, there may be a random “stream of consciousness” type of post where I simply need to put into words something that I have been thinking about/faced with/completely floored by.

There it is, folks! This may be quite possibly the greatest challenge I have placed on myself in a long while, but I’m really hoping to get back into writing about these aspects of my life.

So whether you happen to land on this change by chance (or Google search), clicked a shared link somewhere in “social-media-land,” or are a follower…WELCOME BACK! And I hope you enjoy this glimpse into this “Living to Love & Learn.”

2 thoughts on “New Year (kind of), New Resolve (The 2016 Project)

  1. I am looking forward to following your blog again and I know how busy a working mommy can be. It was so good to see you and Tyler last week.


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