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[Month in Review] April 2016

Happy May 1st, everyone!!

The “April showers that bring May flowers” seem to have decided to stay on a while longer, as the first of May features gray skies, clouds, chilly temperatures, and a drizzling of rain now and again.

Still, April proved to be a wonderful month full of fun first experiences for the family…everything from simply being outdoors in the cool, but sunny weather…to visiting local attractions that led to new life lessons learned (remember, do NOT allow burros to nibble off your fingers!!)…and attending the MSU Spring Game (football) for the first time as a family of three.

Of course, April also marked the passage of yet another year in the life of Lydia
(not ashamed to say I’ve OFFICIALLY broken into my “late thirties”).

But, of course, words don’t always do justice to the happenings of the day-to-day. As I pondered how best I could represent what April 2016 was TRULY like, I began thumbing through my bullet journal, which I use as my “second brain” – both as a running list of daily/weekly/monthly tasks AND a record of things to remember. Then it dawned on me…what better way to share what has been going through my brain than sharing what’s been going on in my “second brain.”

So here it is, folks…my April 2016, as told by my bullet journal…

Photo May 03, 2 22 08 PM
…when you are with those you love most, even the most common weekend errands can lead to the BESTEST weekend outings…
Photo May 03, 2 19 28 PM
[left] Notes from the “Stacks” message series;  [right] Participated in the #bbActionChallenge (hosted by @boho.berry)
Photo May 03, 2 19 41 PM
When the weather began turning to thoughts of Spring…GORGEOUS!!
Photo May 03, 2 19 49 PM
Quite possibly one of the best weekends of my life…all thanks to this little dude…
Photo May 03, 2 20 14 PM
Birthday week…BEST. GIFTS. EVAR!!
Photo May 03, 3 46 03 PM
Birthday weekend – definitely a lot of first experiences…and yummy food…
Photo May 03, 2 20 36 PM
Hubby let me purchase a fountain pen (#Jinhaox450 from @gouletpens for my birthday as well…and I may have gone a little accessories cray-cray…haha!! Hadn’t owned one in almost 2 decades!!



Can’t wait to see what new experiences to learn from and love that May has in store for us!!

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