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[Bullet Journal] June/July 2016 Wrap-Up & August 2016 Set-Up

About a month ago, I introduced my new Traveler’s Notebook Bullet Journal Set-Up, explaining why I decided to make the switch from using a Mead Composition Notebook to the traveler’s notebook. I had just completed a full month in this new set-up, and was loving the simplicity and smaller page size. And in case you’re wondering, after a second month, I’m still LOVING IT!!

Here are a few photos of my BuJo from July 2016.


Now, not only am I starting a new month in my BuJo, I’m also starting a new notebook insert for the month of August (and I assume September as well). In case you didn’t pick up on it from my last “Bullet Journal” post, but I LOVE the fact I can move into a new notebook insert once every two months…because…I like the “new.”

This month, I’m setting up in a new notebook insert brand, (Taroko Design) which I mentioned last time was about $1.50 cheaper than the Goulet Notebook insert I used for June and July. According to the Amazon.com listing, it’s the same brand of paper (Tomoe River Paper) but an even heavier paper weight (68 gsm) than the Goulet insert (52 gsm). So I can only assume that the heavier paper weight will lend itself to even less ghosting and bleed through (not as if the Goulet insert did  much of those things anyway).

I’ll do a review comparison of the two brands at the end of August for you all and let you know my findings.

Without further ado, here is the initial setup of my bullet journal for the month of August. Obviously, being the second week of August, I’ve already started filling in spreads, so you get to see a little bit of what goes on during my months/weeks/days.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

This monthly goals/reading list/index page is something I really love at the moment. I’m the person who has so many things I want to try to do within a given timeframe, but get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what I have on my plate that I can’t get anything accomplished. Eyes bigger than my stomach, for sure! So I do my best to keep my monthly goals to no more than five.

These five in particular are ones that I have been aiming to do for the past several months. It may seem weird that my goals don’t really change much from month to month. But I suppose these are just the priorities I wish to set for myself this year. And since the system I have forces me to change out notebook inserts every couple of months, listing them every month is how I best remember them (instead of setting up a year-long tracker that I’ll probably forget to look at).

By the way…did you notice the third bullet/check box? Yep…finally getting some traction on this project I’ve been mulling over for the past several years. But that’s another story for another post down the road.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

This spread is mostly a reference spread, where I keep a list of all of the upcoming events of the month. I also attempt to color code (all home/family in one color, all work in one color, all personal in one color, etc) in order to get a gauge of what aspect(s) of my life is (are) going to pretty much dominate my life that month. From the looks of it, this month is going to be a workplace-heavy month. It’s a good thing I love my job. *excited emoji*

The second page on the spread has been used in the past for different Instagram challenges (I like to check them off as I go). But this month, due to that “project” mentioned in the monthly goals spread, I’m forgoing all challenges to get my behind in gear and GET. THINGS. DONE. for said project. This way, I give myself NO excuse for not completing my goal. #noexcuse #prayforme


Photo Aug 09, 9 49 26 AMWelcome to my weekly overview. This is the spread where I keep the week’s appointments, specific all-day events, prayer lists, trackers, checklists, etc. This is something I started back in June, and love how it keeps me on track in getting things done and remembering all the different, weekly/daily tasks. Obviously, I wasn’t as “successful” this past week in keeping up with said tasks…but this is actually an exception and not the rule of what these spreads normally look like.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Finally, my daily tasks spread – in the past couple of months, I would try to write out all of my tasks for each day at the start of every week. But i found that I would end up trying to complete all of the tasks in a couple of days (because I’m a crazy person like that). So now, I don’t write out my daily tasks until the evening before or the morning of (depending when I get the chance to do it).

Here’s an example of what I mean…this week’s daily spread…

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Notice all of the white space and empty daily spaces? This helps me SO MUCH in limiting my daily tasks, leaving me some time everyday to spend with family instead of feeling like I need to be DOING something. Granted, there are still some days I have more tasks than others, and I end up having a little less time to spend with family (e.g. LAUNDRY DAYS!!).

So that is my August 2016 set-up. I keep my bullet journal extremely simple. There are so many other bullet journalers who do such amazing spreads of projects, gratitude logs, calendexes (is that the plural form?), and other such awesome ideas. But for me, trying to do all that would lead me to live inside my bullet journal instead of the bullet journal helping me remember the key priorities in my life, giving me the freedom to live outside of my to-dos and must-get-dones. Maybe someday I will use my bullet journal for more, but for now, this works for me.

Happy August, everyone! Hope you learn and love lots this month!

Lydia   ❤


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