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[Simply Wardrobing] Building my Fall 2016 Wardrobe Part 2

Well, let’s get right to the meat of the post, shall we?

Step #3: Choosing New Players for this Team…errrr…Wardrobe

As I mentioned in my last post, the one thing I was scurrying to unearth from storage were some warmer items – sweaters (both cardigan and pullover form) and jackets.

*Side Note: I also have some pullover hoodie sweatshirts from university and high school teaching days, but I don’t count them in my wardrobe as I only wear those around the house and to work out.**

With what I already had on hand, there were a couple of things I wanted to add to my closet to give me a bit more versatility in my outfit choices.

  • A thicker long-sleeved shirt I could wear both under sweaters and on its own (striped preferred)…it had to have a neckline high enough to keep me warm, but NOT a crew neck (because I just don’t like the way I look in crew necks).
  • Another sweater or a sweatshirt that could be worn over one of my button down shirts or a t-shirt
  • A thicker pair of boyfriend fit jeans that could be worn both pretty easily cropped (read: rolled up) with sneakers/ankle boots or under a pair of taller boots (like my Hunter boots or Sole Society black leather boots)

I am happy to report that I am batting 3 for 3 (1.00) with my Fall wish list. Here are the items I purchased.


“The Heavyweight Tee” in Grey/Black from Everlane – Seriously…Everlane is one of my FAVORITE retailers right now…and this purchase did not disappoint! This long-sleeve tee has a nice boatneck that looks a lot better on me than crew necks, but covers enough to keep me warmer than the v-necks and scoop necks I prefer in warmer weather. This tee is definitely heavier in weight, of natural fibers (100% cotton), and fits me so well! I can wear this with ANY of my jeans or even my overalls and it looks great! Definitely a winner, taking my wardrobe to a whole other level of versatility.


“The Crew Sweatshirt” in Navy Marled from Everlane – …and the love affair with Everlane continues! I know I just said that I didn’t like how crew necks look on me, but the neck on this sweatshirt actually lands somewhere between a typical crew neck and scoop neck on me. It’s exactly what I was looking for as a pullover layering piece and looks great with a collared/button down shirt underneath. I’m looking forward to styling this one with more outfits, now that the temperatures have OFFICIALLY dropped to chilly Fall levels for the rest of the year.


“Sienna Slim Boyfriend” in Stinson Beach from Lucky Brand Jeans – I have searched high and low for jeans that fit me perfectly…well fitting on the legs, no waist gap, and durable. Lucky Brand Jeans recently became my go-to for jeans. My current favorite pair of jeans I own are their Sienna boyfriend fit jeans. I purchased them to replace the same jeans I had purchased earlier, but was too big after I lost weight and they stretched out. I love how these jeans look with ankle boots as well as under my tall black boots. They are of a heavier weight denim and perfect for keeping my legs warmer in the October chill. And because of their looser fit, once winter rolls around, I can wear fleece-lined tights underneath them.

Some of the other items that I toyed with purchasing, but have not and have no plan to right now are:

  1. a black or brown simple leather belt, classic and simple enough to be worn casually and slightly more dressed up,
  2. a pair of flat black ankle boots,
  3. this Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat (in black), and
  4. a new leather jacket (because the pleather one I had in storage is pretty much worn and peeling beyond repair).

I can honestly say that the idea of shopping/buying these items sparks little or no interest in me right now. I’m pretty content with what I have and have no plans to visit another mall or website anytime soon. It’s a bit surreal for me, that I have finally reached that point of enough satisfaction with what I have to actually feel no compulsion to shop for clothes…or anything else, for that matter.

Or it could be shopping fatigue. I get that every so often.

Either way, it feels surreal, but oh so liberating!

A Final Look at my Fall 2016 Collection

So here is a look at my FINAL final Fall 2016 “Simply Wardrobing” collection.

photo-oct-09-5-48-34-pmphoto-oct-09-5-47-58-pmA total of 35 pieces, breaking down into…

  • 9 tops,
  • 5 bottoms,
  • 4 sweaters/sweatshirts,
  • 5 jackets,
  • 4 dresses,
  • 8 pairs of shoes (not pictured),

…and I am seriously happy (ECSTATIC!) about how my Fall 2016 collection turned out.

The real question remains – CAN I STICK TO MY “NO CLOTHES SHOPPING UNTIL THE END OF DECEMBER” plan? It’s seriously just around the corner, but will I be able to find true satisfaction in my wardrobe even in that relatively short period of time? In hopes to honestly be able to answer “YES!” to those questions, my plan is to focus on creating as many unique outfits from these 35 items, sharing many of them with you on this blog. I also want to focus on creating a general formula for putting these outfits together and share that with you as well.

I talk a good game…now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is
(because if I am to stick to this plan, it won’t be going to any 
clothing retailer anytime soon).

Until the next lesson in loving life as is…wish me luck!  ❤

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