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Fourteen Years Ago Today…

Fourteen years ago today, he asked…and I said, “Yes.”

It didn’t feel like a particularly life-changing “YES” at the time for me. I had said this before to several other people in my past. Those “YESes” didn’t really work out.

Considering the wake of shattered hearts I had left behind, belonging both to me and others, one would think I would have more sense than to allow another potential heart-shattering relationship to occur by saying, “Yes.”

But I did say, “Yes.” I placed my heart…and he placed his…in harms way for the chance that, perhaps, this would be it.

Fourteen years ago today, we decided to start walking the path of life together.

And now fourteen years after, I write this blog post in honor of that day, and the guy who bravely decided to take on being this crazy girl’s boyfriend.

*swoon*…be still, my heart…

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that ours is a relationship that, had it been up to me, would NEVER have happened. (For more on this, read this post.)  But it DID happen…and today, I want to say (write) the thoughts that have been developing in my heart and mind these past fourteen years.

To InChul/Tyler…my very own “Gilbert Blythe”…

You know that you were not the guy I had thought I would be spending the rest of my life with. You were not the Prince Charming/knight in shining armor/man of my dreams I had imagined in that perfect little world I fantasized about as a young girl. You weren’t exciting and outgoing…the “people person” I thought I wanted in a guy.

But…you are everything I needed in a man.

You are confident in who you are and who we are…and you don’t second guess in either respect. Your confidence helps me do more…become more…because I never feel I should “tone down” who I am to help you feel “more like a man.” You instead encourage me to pursue things that peak my interest and be the woman God has meant for me to be…and support me all the way.

You are the rock in this relationship, always rescuing me from myself when I spiral into my personal little dramas of despair.

You possess wisdom and a level of maturity that gives me comfort in knowing that you are, and will continue to be, someone I can honor and respect without question (though, I do ask a lot of “questions,” it never pertains to your character and ability to lead our family).

You are an intellectual and just stubborn just enough to challenge me. It may not always be enjoyable, but the challenge motivates me to become a better version of me.

You are excellent in your field of work (and how serendipitous that, like Gilbert, it is in the field of medicine) and work extremely hard to care for your patients, work together with your colleagues, and provide so well for our family.

You are selfless. Sure, I (and others) have joked about how you are always so “shellfish.” But in truth, we all know that you would go out of your way to help others when they need it.

You are FUN! Having similar interests helps, but it’s mostly your ability not to take yourself and things too seriously. People feel they can be themselves around you, and you simply ENJOY the company of others…and we all enjoy your company as well. Lucky me that I get to enjoy your company more than most.

All in all, I could not imagine a man more perfectly suited
to handle the craziness that is me.


…and I thank God EVERY DAY for bringing us together.

Thank you for asking me to be your girlfriend fourteen years ago. I’m so happy to get to do this thing called “LIFE” with you everyday!

And to this day, “I’m only sure of one thing…

That I’m scandalously in love with you.”**

**quote from “Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story”

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