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[Simply Wardrobing] My Five Favorites…aka “Closet Staples”

Hello everyone! It’s been an arduous six weeks of work and travel). I don’t know if you pay close enough attention to my ramblings to have noticed I have been gone for a longer period of time than I would like. I both hope you have (because I like to think there are people reading and enjoying what I have to write) and have not (because I feel guilty enough already from being so neglectful).

But…when life throws curve balls into your regular routine,
you just have to readjust your swing and stance.

So I did.

Baseball analogies aside, I’m excited about delving into this next mini-series of posts about “Simply Wardrobing.” After extensive “research” into the world of capsule wardrobing (read: binge-watching YouTube videos on the topic), one of the running themes that I have run across is the idea of “closet staples.” These are the basic clothing items that help pull some of the less basic items together in any number of combinations. It seems that these closet staples are absolutely essential in the success of a capsule wardrober’s arsenal of garments.

So today, I would like to share with you five of my own favorite closet staples that have been instrumental in the success of this “simply wardrobing” thing I do.

“Sienna Slim Boyfriend” in Stinson Beach from Lucky Brand Jeans  


If we’re talking closet staples, one I HAVE to include is a pair of jeans. I wear jeans pretty much 90% of the time. Jeans go with just about ANYTHING. I’ve even dabbled in the world of denim on denim recently and, as long as the shades are different, it just WORKS!!

Now, I have been a “skinny jeans” girl for the past five years, maybe owning, but rarely wearing, one slim fit flare pair at any time during that time period. So when the looser fit “boyfriend” style became a thing, it took me a while to warm up to the idea. But THIS pair completely changed my mind and rocks my world to no end! I actually have to take a moment every morning at my closet to remind myself to wear some of my other jeans, lest I wear this pair out too quickly. These are a well-loved item in my wardrobe.

Buffalo Plaid Flannel Button Down Shirt from Old Navy (similar here)


While the pattern may be bold, the black and white coloring definitely places this in the “can go with ANYTHING” category. Whether with jeans, my overalls, or even over a dress, this button down has been one of two I have been able to mix and match with almost EVERY OTHER PIECE in my closet.

I recall the last time I wrote about this piece, I wasn’t all too thrilled about it. Mainly, it was because of the brand (Old Navy). I said that the only reason this particular item was remaining in my closet was that I had “not yet found a flannel buffalo plaid shirt to replace it.”

*Spoiler Alert* – I have yet to find another one that I like as much.

I really need to get over the stigma of the name on the label, as I have found myself reaching for this shirt more than all of the others. It’s comfortable, fits like a glove, and has that awesome buffalo plaid I am IN LOVE with.

Striped Boyfriend Fit Button Down Shirt from GAP (similar)


Speaking of patterns I love, stripes (especially of the vertical variety) are kind of an obsession of mine. I don’t always looks great in bolder, thicker stripes. But thin striping like this suits me just fine (no pun intended). And with the colors and pattern being relatively neutral, this shirt has been worn with just about every other item in my closet. So if I’m not reaching for the buffalo plaid button down, I’m reaching for this one.

This button down has served me well recently during this stretch of abnormally warm Michigan fall weather (seriously…up through this past Friday it was hitting highs in the upper 60s to 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside…WHAT?!?). On chilly mornings, I would roll down the sleeves and wear a sweater or cardigan over it. Then, as temperatures rose, I would take off said sweater and roll the sleeves back up (also what I do with the flannel shirt). And when the pattern is slimming and the fit superb, you can’t blame me for wanting to wear this piece all the time.

Field Mechanic Jacket from J. Crew


When a jacket you purchased 2 years ago is STILL being sold by the company, you know you’ve hit a more classic piece. The “army green” coloring is extremely easy to coordinate with pretty much ANYTHING in my closet. And when I’m going for a more casual look, this jacket can be paired with my nicer shirts/dresses.

I mentioned the bulkiness of the collar in the last post I wrote about this jacket. After wearing it so much this Fall, I’ve pretty much gotten over it and am looking forward to many more years with this piece…at least, until it becomes so thin and worn it no longer serves its purpose. But the quality of the fabric tells me I have a couple of years yet!

Hayden Skinny Jeans in Black from Lucky Brand Jeans


If there is one piece of clothing every capsule wardrober says is a staple in their closet its this – a well-fitting pair of black skinny jeans. I mean, really…how can you go wrong with a pair of black skinny jeans? They literally go with every shirt/sweater/jacket I have in my closet (and even a dress…well, a shirtdress). They can be dressed up or down. Since my adoption of skinny jeans as my go-to style of jeans (and even now as a boyfriend fit jeans lover), I always had one black pair…and probably always will!

And the “well-fitting” part? Lucky Brand has given me a pair that fits me perfectly. I repeat…PERFECTLY!! It took a few wears to get them to mold to my waist/hips/legs shape, but one they did…OMG!! You know how the waist of some mid to high-rise jeans start to fall down as you walk around in them? And unless you have a belt to remedy the situation (which I currently do not), you are constantly wanting to pull them up? This does not apply to these jeans. The day these jeans meet there end, I will likely cry every step of he way towards buying a replacement pair.

So those are my five favorite closet staples in my current wardrobe. In a perfect world, if it were not winter outdoors, I had better lighting in my home, not to mention TIME (Christmas seasons is fast approaching!), I would take a whole bunch of outfit photos showing how these pieces work within my wardrobe.

Something like this. Note, I’m wearing two of the five staple pieces in this outfit!!

Alas, it is not a perfect world. So I don’t have any more of these said outfits points to share with you at the moment. However, this is a goal of mine for the new year to figure out how to take more photos for this blog for you all. So we’ll see how that goes.

Between now and then, there is a “winter wardrobe refresh” that is in the works (the temperatures plummeted here in Michigan this past weekend), so expect a blog post with new additions very soon!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Lydia    ❤

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