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…and just like that, you’re two years old.

Christmas Day, 2014.

Just 32 minutes into the day, you came screaming into the world.

You were exactly 1 week past your due date by that point, and then decided 37 hours of labor would be a great way to make your grand entrance into the world.

The moment you landed in my arms made all 41 weeks of pregnancy…all 37 hours of labor…totally worth it.


And now, you’re a rambunctious two-year-old. 

Seriously…HOW and WHEN did this happen???

In commemorating this yearly milestone in your life, I spent many upcoming days praying over you and asking God to give me words of truth to speak into your life. You may not understand them fully yet, but as you grow and become more familiar with the English language, I hope you will somehow come across your mama’s old blog (this post in particular) and find comfort and inspiration in these words.

Your name is a Greek name derived from a Hebrew word that means “the Lord is good.” I chose this name in an act of worship of a God who heard the cries of a woman who so desperately wanted a child. You see, your dad and I waited, tried, sought medical intervention, and then waited again through a relatively easy pregnancy over the course of three years before you arrived. You were the result of God’s answering the prayers of so many people in your mama’s life. So when it came time to choose a name for you, one that meant “the Lord is good” was an obvious pick for us.

Because…the Lord truly is good.

The fact you arrived on Christmas Day is not lost on me. Your arrival coincides with the day we celebrate the arrival of another precious gift…the gift of salvation…the gift of hope…the gift of a Savior. God’s goodness was made known to the world through His sent Son, just as His goodness was made known to me once again when He sent me the gift of YOU.

My prayer, above all else, is that you would be an agent of the Lord’s goodness with the rest of the world. May you come into a relationship with Him early in life. May you learn to be a reflection of His goodness – in your countenance, words, and deed – to all those God places in your sphere of influence. And above all else, may the Lord be glorified in the amazing person you are and will continue to become as He works in your life.

I love you, my precious baby boy. Happy 2nd Birthday!

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