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[Simply Wardrobing] My Current Wardrobe Favorites (The Winter 2017 Edition)

So last week I talked about why the “simply wardrobing” thing works for me. I wanted to write a post this week going through the items in my current wardrobe and explain the reasons why each is in my closet.

But, to be honest, I don’t think going through 36 35 articles of clothing piece by piece would be good reading, much less fun to write. I’d rather not turn this post into a 20 page term paper. #sorryimnotsorry

So instead, I decided I would go through my current wardrobe favorites…the top five Winter 2017 wardrobe favorites (aka “closet staples”). I wrote one of these posts in November with my Fall 2016 wardrobe favorites. Since then, with the changes that have occurred with the seasonal switch from Fall to Winter, my top five favorite items have also changed.

My Current “Five Six Favorites” from My Simple Wardrobe (in order of acquisition)


These jeans are still one of my favorite, go-to jeans. Even in the dead of winter when shoving the legs of the jeans into boots is a constant struggle, I wear these because:

– they are so darn comfortable
– they still fit REALLY REALLY well
– I’m really into a lighter wash of jeans nowadays

Without a doubt, they still “rock my world to no end.”

Okay, folks…so it seems that I have finally found a plaid (albeit NOT buffalo plaid) button down shirt that supersedes my Old Navy one. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my Uniqlo flannel check shirt!!


Now, this shirt does not necessarily REPLACE my Old Navy flannel shirt (hence, why you still see that old favorite in my closet photo in the last post). But without a doubt, this one has been worn much more and has taken over the “flannel button down shirt” spot on my wardrobe favorites list.


I have to admit that this was not a piece I was necessarily LOOKING for. Living in Michigan, I thought what I really needed was another thick, bulky, wool sweater to protect me from the icy winds of the Midwest.

Then, I saw this post on Caroline Rector’s blog “Un-Fancy.” I was intrigued by the fit of the sweater Caroline had on, and made the mistake of actually clicking on the affiliate link. I chose the pink color after waffling back and forth with the olive-green one (finally asked the husband, and he preferred the pink), and then ordered it.

Once it arrived, I ran into my room to try it on, thinking it couldn’t POSSIBLY look as good on me as it did on Caroline. Nothing EVER looks as good on me as they do on other people.

And…it looked REALLY good on me. Dang. I had to keep it.

So of COURSE I had to keep it…and it now holds a special place in my heart and wardrobe. I don’t get to wear it often at home, as I fear the stains attributed to being a mom of a rambunctious toddler. But I have worn it on several occasions to work, and it is truly UH-MAZING!!

Madewell jeans. Ever since I first stepped into my first Madewell store, I would look longingly at the tables of denim, wondering if I could fit into them. At first, no, I couldn’t. But now, after a full year of my fitness/diet routine, the story has changed. My “7 for all Mankind” and “Lucky Brand” skinny jeans were no longer so skinny and I really wanted to find another pair of TRUE skinny jeans. I had a $20 coupon for Madewell denim, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try a pair of higher rise skinny jeans again.


Magic, folks…MAGIC!! These jeans fit like a GLOVE!!

…like I said…like a GLOVE!!  ❤

You know when you put on that perfect pair of jeans and you feel like you can conquer the world? These are THOSE jeans for me! I have never had a pair of skinny jeans fit like these do, and I’m loving it! Even if there comes a day my weight fluctuates again (for a number of valid reasons) and I cannot wear them, these will be those skinny jeans that I will keep and work to fit into again.


These boots have changed my opinion of heeled shoes FOREVER! I’ve hated heels all my life because I have never found a pair of heels that didn’t kill my feet. These are the first pair of boots…ANY shoes, for that matter…that I have worn for a full day without losing my ability to stand on my own two feet by the end of that day. And I’m not talking just standing and walking in them all day. I’ve jumped, danced, and ran in them as well!

And they’re waterproof and lined…which, during Michigan winters,
are appreciated more than you can ever imagine.


Okay, this shirt right here is the reason I had to add a sixth “favorite” to my list. It may not look like much, but I’ve needed a solid, simple long-sleeved tee for a while now, but couldn’t find any women’s tees in stores and online that quite hit the right note (they are all either too fitted or too loose…nothing in between). Then, I discovered THIS.

As my latest acquisition to my simple wardrobe, I actually took this from my husband’s closet. That’s right…I stole this from the husband. I mean…he two of the same – one small, one medium. Since I know he wears medium, I wondered why there was a small one in his closet in the first place. Once I tried it on…it was all over. I’m in love with the fit of this tee.


And yes, I’m quite aware that there is the possibility of #twinning with him now. I’m okay with that (and I’m pretty sure he is too).

So there you have it, folks! My current top five in my “simple wardrobe.” While I do wear all of the 36 35 items in my closet at least once a week, these are the foundational pieces I plan my outfits around nowadays.

Oh…in case you were wondering about the drop from 36 to 35 articles of clothing, it’s one of the fluid, “as you go” closet changes I have made recently. I will talk more in-depth of this process next week and explain my reasoning for handling my wardrobe in this way.

Until then…living to learn and love my “simply wardrobing” lifestyle with my five favorite pieces!!

Lydia    ❤

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