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[Simply Wardrobing] Real Talk About Style (aka “Am I Too Old For…?”)

My plan for this week was to write about the process of updating my simple wardrobe (aka what I believe they call “fluid capsule wardrobing”) and share why I decided on this method and how I go about doing the actual updating.

But then, a question popped into my head this morning and completely derailed my plans and made me chart a new course for the weekly post.

“Am I too old for my preferred style?”

First, let’s explore the facts of the matter:

  • I am currently in my late 30s (can’t believe I just announced that to the world).
  • My preferred style is an interesting mesh of “hipster/sporty/tomboy/classic/casual” that I honestly have no idea how else to explain.
  • Most of the fashion bloggers/vloggers of whom I frequently draw inspiration from are pretty much a decade younger than me.
  • I shop in stores that I have read on COUNTLESS online lists (by those who are apparently the “experts” at style) say should be beyond the reach of those my age.

I do question at times whether my style choices are indeed too “young” for me. Can I really get away who wearing those boyfriend-fit jeans, that Atlanta Falcons jersey with the pleather jacket and Hunter boots, jeans from Madewell, 7 for All Mankind, and Lucky Brand, those Vans/Adidas/Nike/New Balance casual sneakers I love (especially my new Vans Milton Hi Leather High-Top Sneakers), etc…etc…and so forth?

Am I one of “those” almost-middle-aged mom of  
a two-year-old attempting to recapture
her youth
somehow and failing miserably?

But then, I have to ask myself the follow-up question, “So…how IS an almost-middle-aged mom of a two-year-old supposed to dress?” 

(Seriously, though…if there is some kind of fashion code
that I’m breaking…could someone please let me know?)

To be honest, I never really think about the age range in the clothing purchases I make. However, I am very conscious of other aspects of clothing that I think (read: HOPE BEYOND HOPE) help in preventing me from making such fashion faux pas.

Focus on the CLASSICS and not the TRENDS!  If you see my wardrobe, you will see that I tend to gravitate towards the classic pieces that have a much longer fashion shelf life than your “here today, gone next season” trends. I am honestly not attracted to brands/stores that sell clothes I KNOW were purposefully made to last only a few months (both aesthetically AND physically…like, they fall apart within months of wear and wash).

Stay away from items that I don’t think flatter MY current body. I want to start this point with the disclaimer that what I’m about to describe is my own PERSONAL preferences for clothing pieces. I don’t feel comfortable showing off the typical parts of the body that some women’s brands seem to LOVE to show off – midriff, excessive cleavage, a whole lot of leg (especially the upper thigh/almost bum area), and (you’ll think me crazy for this one) TOES!

Seriously, I hate how my toes look in open-toed shoes and sandals,
so I tend to stay away from them. Totally a boots and sneakers girl!

Again, I’m NOT saying women my age can’t wear things that show off these areas (if you feel comfortable, rock the look all you want, ladies!). I would just rather find pieces that cover more of me while still flattering the shape I am now. It helps me focus on what I love about myself as opposed to the problem areas I WISHED looked like those of the women (younger, older, AND my age) who look SO AMAZING in such clothing.

NOT a fan of the distressed look. This is one of the more specific personal style choices of mine. I’m one of those (alleged) “old fogey ladies” who would rather NOT pay money for clothes with holes/rips and even the most MINOR distressing in them. Why pay money for something that looks to ME to be “old and worn?” I feel like this saves me from walking that fine line between “old lady trying to fit into the distressed trend” and “WOW! She styled those distressed [fill in the blank] so well!” Maybe it’s a lack of confidence in myself. I just think I’m a #totalwimp when it comes to certain fashion trends.

Wear what makes me feel most like ME!!  In the end, it’s not about what age you are and how you (and others around you) may THINK you should dress because of your age, stage of life, etc. It’s about wearing what makes you feel like the most confident YOU!! There are so many pieces in my wardrobe that, when I wear them, makes me feel like I can conquer the world! But that is because I know who I am and what I like…and I am unapologetic in the items that I choose for myself.

Maybe there are still certain outfits and pieces that end up making me look like an older lady attempting to “stay young” and failing miserably (a certain paid of overalls come to mind). But as long as I remember that I focus on who I am, what I like, and what makes me feel the most like myself at this stage of life, I can honestly say, “I REALLY don’t care!”

(Okay, maybe I do a little bit…hence, why I wrote this blog post.)

And when that day comes, where I do decide to change my style and fashion tastes, I will continue to focus on these things…and find a new version of myself to ROCK!!

Here’s to living to learn more of who each of us are and what we love for and about ourselves…

Lydia    ❤

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