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Fifteen Years Together (A “Stream of Consciousness” Love Letter)

To the love of my life…my very own Gilbert Blythe:

Today marks a significant moment in our lives as our paths on this journey called “life” converged. Fifteen years ago today, we took each other’s hand and began walking this journey together. Save for a brief moment, less than 24 hours, in the vast number of years, we have plodded along together, sharing many moments, both joyous and painful, together.

Mark Elkins Photography (

I was your first relationship. Because of that fact, I almost didn’t let this journey happen, guilt-ridden that I could not claim you as my first relationship. But your willingness to offer me grace and unconditional love won me over. Now, I can honestly say that, while you may not have been my first, you are the first to win my heart in its TRUEST form.

You have me…and you will always have me…now until death do us part. Though at my worst, I’m sure you think that more of a curse than a blessing. I don’t blame you, but hope those moments are becoming fewer and farther apart.


What makes this anniversary of the start of our journey together ESPECIALLY unique is that it also marks the beginning of a new chapter in our family. As we are in the final days of waiting for the birth of our daughter, it seems almost serendipitous that her arrival falls so close to this day…that somehow, 15 years together would see the completion of our family (unless God chooses to intervene on the matter).

We have been joined in this journey by two amazing gifts from God, and the fact that the four of us will be continuing together for this season of life brings a whole new level of excitement and joy.

Photo 20170426, 6 03 34 AM

But it all started with two…fifteen years ago…and will likely end with two (God willing) as our children find their own life-partners to share life’s journey together with them. While there will be some sadness when that time comes, I also anticipate with hope that our journey of two will continue way beyond that bittersweet moment.

Because…it’s ’til death do us part.
And that’s a vow I pledge anew today.

The Metamorphosis: Emerging from the Pod

I cannot even begin to describe just how grateful I am that you chose and continue to choose to love me the way you do…to share life with me the way you do…to take my hand and walk with me the way you do.

And as this quote is quite possibly the best way I can express to you how I feel about you…even more today than that day you first asked me to be your girlfriend…

Mark Elkins Photography (

“I’m only sure of one thing: that I am scandalously in love with you.”
(quote from “Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story”)


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