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Seven Years…

I’ve been silent on this blog for a while now (last post on October 20, 2017). There have been so many things going on in my life recently that has led to this seven-and-a-half month hiatus, including:

  • the birth of my second child in November 2017
Photo 20171103, 11 23 34 AM
A new friendship (and possibly sibling rivalry) is born!! #seewhatididthere
Photo May 13, 8 56 42 PM
She’s grown quite a bit bigger since.
  • a work event in December that MAY have taken a bit more of my time than usual…maybe… #producerlife
Photo 20171221, 9 12 38 PM
When lighting totally MAKES the shot ❤
Photo 20171223, 4 32 43 PM
The team huddle prior to Tech Rehearsal #bestteamEVAR
Photo 20171224, 5 13 01 PM
Closing the night with “Silent Night”
Photo 20171224, 5 27 10 PM (1)
The people who makes these things happen
Photo 20171224, 5 30 44 PM
…and then there’s these people… #beststaffteamEVAR
  • and this other one in April… #producerlifeneverends

  • of course, this kid turned 3 years old in all of this hubbub
Photo 20171225, 2 01 08 PM
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Life got busy…and oh so GOOD!! It was a combination of my desire to put my very best towards these important events and milestones and all of the everyday life things in between. After all, living life and giving it my all is all part of “living to learn and love.”

But today, I come back to this blog and a new post because we (me and my family) are approaching on another major life change. After seven years in this “Land of the Spartans,” we are officially moving back to our home in the South.

Though…THIS place won’t be there anymore. #missingtheTED

July 9, 2018, we will be relocating the An family back to Georgia (a Northeast suburb of Metro-Atlanta). After 7 years of training/working in the Lansing, Michigan area, my hubby has signed on to work with a Gastroenterology group in Cumming, GA. It’s truly a huge milestone for him, going from training to full-fledged physician-hood with all the credentials and license to practice on his own (and preparing to take his Board exam in August).

To say that I’m proud and excited for him is quite possibly
THE understatement of the millennium. #justsayin

It’s also exciting to be going back to the place I called home for 20 years of my life. My family is there…old friends are there…so much of the familiar is there.

But the excitement is also clouded by the bitter reality that I will be leaving behind a home, friends, and a life that I have grown to truly love and cherish these past seven years. The people who have walked me through my journey to freedom from depression and my search to establish my God-given identity…a church that has given me new hope of what the Body of Christ is capable of when living and acting according to His word and will…and three sweet years in the dream job I never knew I could have or was capable to do. I walk away from seven years of my “mountaintop experience,” wishing I could simply set up my tents here in this good, good place (Matthew 17:4). But I walk away in faith, knowing this is what the Lord is calling me to do.

Photo Feb 16, 4 20 52 PM
Photo Credit: Bryan Theisen (IG: @hungry.pine)
Photo Feb 23, 9 07 47 PM
Photo Credit: Bryan Theisen  (IG: @hungry.pine)

It’s not easy, and such an emotionally turbulent journey to take…
but I go because my Lord is leading me to do so.

So just as I at one time said my goodbyes to those who shaped my life back in Georgia, I am preparing to do so again with those who have changed my life here in Michigan. It’s going to take me some time to parse together the words, phrases, and sentences needed to truly encapsulate the thoughts of my heart…but they will come in the next few weeks.

But for now…I begin my words of gratitude to the people God has placed in this place and time of my life by saying…

“Thank you. I love you. I will miss you…
so much more than you’ll ever know!”

We came…seven years ago…just me, my hubby, and a dog…to strange place filled with so much love and potential. We leave filled to the brim both in family…the original three plus 2 kids and a couple of grandparents…and in love received from so many people. And we are better people, changed for good by those who have invested so much in us both professionally and as friends.

With so much love for the learning given me in this season of life,

Lydia   ❤

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