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[COVID-19 Diaries] Mother’s Day in (Self) Quarantine…

Here in the state of Georgia, the state mandated shelter-in-place lockdown has ended for a vast majority of us. Yet, many of us who believe that this action was taken too early and too rashly have taken to sheltering-in-place by our own accord, quietly waiting until we feel safe enough to (VERY slowly) resume our “normal” day to day lives. I use the term “normal” VERY loosely…because we all know nothing will ever go back to that old “normal” again.

It is in the midst of this self-quarantine that Mother’s Day 2020 has taken place.

Photo Apr 16, 3 18 31 PM
Masks, CHECK! Sunnies, CHECK!

If there is one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it is that many professions have been grossly under-appreciated and misunderstood.

  • We have seen medical professionals reveal some major hangups and systemic issues plaguing our healthcare system. And despite the injustices they face by the system, continue to heroically place themselves in this virus’ direct line of fire to treat and care for the sick. Many of these front-line fighters have taken cuts in hours and pay.
  • We have experienced to a small degree what teachers and schools are inundated with in classrooms now that the classrooms are closed and learning is happening in our homes…and how heroically, many teachers have shifted their teaching plans online, rethinking the way they do what they do and supporting parents as best they can.
  • We have never appreciated those who work in grocery stores and restaurants more, as they continue to work and place themselves at greater risk of being infected by the virus so that we can supply our tables, fridges/freezers, pantries, and cupboards with the food and drink we need to weather the storm. Oh, and taking major flak for running out of TP and disinfectant wipes, when in fact it is those customers who selfishly hoarded these items that have done us this injustice.
  • We continue too see those in the police force, firefighters, and other emergency personnel frequently put themselves on the line to protect the general public from ourselves.
  • …and so many more!!

And then, there are moms…some who have always manned the home front for their families and others who have balanced working outside the home while also caring for their families. I have seen so many moms, in the midst of crisis and chaos and uncertainty, rise up to the challenge. While at first definitely floundering and attempting to create a new routine for their families (with a lot of trial and error), they have shown themselves once again to be a MAJOR foundational support system to their families.

Photo Apr 14, 11 40 20 AM
Breaking out of self-isolation for a few hours!!

Moms have used every skill  gained from the day their children entered this world and have reformatted them to fit the current situation. It is what they were made for. It is what they will do, not just in this time of crisis, but every time of crisis. No doubt, moms are some of the most resilient and strong human beings, and is it any wonder that moms are at the forefront of making life in quarantine sustainable.

I have learned many lessons from these past couple of months. My eyes have been opened to just how strong moms can be. Despite the struggle and crazy that is presented  day in and day out, they get up each morning to face it again each day. They don’t just aim to keep their families alive…they seek to help them THRIVE! And not ONLY do moms take care of their own, they are dead set on helping and encouraging one another. If there is one position in life that spans all races and beliefs…it is that of MOTHER. It is one of the few places where we are of one heart.

So to the moms out there who have been absolute warriors in this season (Even if you don’t always feel like one, YOU ARE ONE!!)…THANK YOU! You are a force to be reckoned with and nothing…not even a worldwide pandemic…has stopped you from being who you are. Mothers. Heroes. I stand in solidarity with each of you.

Photo May 10, 5 59 37 PM
Thank you, village, for walking with us!

And to all of those who have supported moms in your life during this season…THANK YOU! Moms cannot do what we do without the dads, uncles, aunties, cousins, neighbors, friends, and family in their lives.

Photo Apr 27, 5 55 25 PM

To all mothers, past, present, and future…Happy Mother’s Day!
You amaze me everyday!

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