Family · Marriage

Eleven years ago…

…two crazy kids said some vows, promising to love, cherish, and honor each other, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until death would part us. Surrounded by friends and family, they began their journey as a married couple.

(Wedding photography credit – Mark Elkins Photography)

It was a beginning that took about six and a half years of dating and engagement to reach. And truth be told, left to their own devices, would never have started in the first place. But there was a God above who had plans so much greater than either of them could ever imagine…for his/herself and for them together.

(Our first couple’s photo, courtesy of Dr. Jonathan Chae.)

Year after year, their journey would become more treacherous, with many moments that could have easily torn the very vows they took asunder. She was too outspoken and hyper emotional. He was too passive and anything but emotional. They were both super stubborn and hard headed. It was a recipe for disaster.

But their hearts were intertwined by a force far greater than their own individual brokenness. And that force began to put fire to their calloused hearts to reveal something beautiful, new, and lasting.

As He is in the business of doing, He made some old things new.

They were in love eleven years ago. The words of love they spoke and the looks they gave each other throughout that celebration were genuinely from their hearts. But little did they know just how much deeper, and richer that love would grow as the One who brought them together went to work on His refining work in them.

(Our most recent couple photo, courtesy of Ms. Rebekah Chung.)

On the outside, there are far more age spots and wrinkles telling of the battles they have fought together (and against one another at times). They are older, a bit weightier, and a bit weather worn. But inside, there is beauty and brilliance that testifies to work that has been and is being done by the Creator of the universe, who is the reason these two could be together in the first place.

…to have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

…so much more fun (and exasperating) now with these two crazy kids.
(Family photo, courtesy of Ms. Rebekah Chung)

And I still say, “I do!”…today, tomorrow, until death do us part.

Happy Anniversary, Tyler InChul An!
You are my #GilbertBlythe, the #loveofmylife.

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