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[Bullet Journaling] I’m MOVING!!

For those of you who have been following my journey through this whole “bullet journaling” business, both here on my blog (follow the series here) and, at rare times, on my Instagram (username @living2learnandlove), you know that I have been using a Traveler’s Notebook system since June 2016. For more on my reasons for moving into the Traveler’s… Continue reading [Bullet Journaling] I’m MOVING!!

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Living in 2017: What I’m Hoping (and Planning) to Learn and Love

So as a follow-up of last week’s blog post, where I recapped the top five life lessons and loves of 2016 (quite honestly, my favorite blog post to date…check it out HERE), I thought I would share some of the things I hope to learn and love as I am living through 2017. I say… Continue reading Living in 2017: What I’m Hoping (and Planning) to Learn and Love

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Living in 2016: What I Learned and Loved

We are well into the new year (10 days in). Coming out of the busyness of the holidays and New Year, I was left drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. I had given everything I had to my work and my family, and it took some time for my body to forgive me for going non-stop for… Continue reading Living in 2016: What I Learned and Loved

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[Bullet Journal] My “Next-To-No” Monthly Planning

So if there is one aspect of the original Bullet Journal I do not adhere to is the “Future Log.” Truth of the matter is that my reasons for using my bullet journal isn’t to lay out a year in my life with projects/events/long-term goals/etc. As much as I want to organize my life to… Continue reading [Bullet Journal] My “Next-To-No” Monthly Planning

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[Bullet Journal] What in the World is Going On This Week?

Let’s dive in, shall we? I mentioned in one of my earlier Bullet Journal blog posts (this one) how my weekly spread was a later addition to my system. At first glance, it seems redundant to put bullets in a weekly spread and then again in a daily spread. But there are several advantages that I have… Continue reading [Bullet Journal] What in the World is Going On This Week?

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[Bullet Journal] Planning for Day-to-Day Survival

December is upon us! Like most people, for me this time of year usually means a lot of chaos and activity – both at home and at work. On the home front, I’m trying to determine my gifting list, as well as planning special activities and meals that come with “sharing the holidays with loved… Continue reading [Bullet Journal] Planning for Day-to-Day Survival