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When there’s nothing to write about…

The past couple of weeks have been hard on me. Physically, the fatigue has been unreal. Mentally, the shifts in both work and home has left me scrambling to find a new “normal” (which I desperately crave right now). Emotionally, the combination of the physical and mental has taken its toll on me, and I… Continue reading When there’s nothing to write about…

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[Musings of a Mommy] Who I COULD be versus who I AM…

I was asked last Wednesday to lead a short devotional at the start of a surprise baby shower for two of our co-workers (who are likely to have their babies within days of each other). While at first I was shocked, being literally only a step ahead of these soon-to-be-mommies without the massive breadth of… Continue reading [Musings of a Mommy] Who I COULD be versus who I AM…

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[Musings of a Mommy] Mirror, Mirror…

So recently, my son and I have developed a little routine that we pretty much go through at least a dozen times every day. Basically, it goes a little like this… Me: “It’s time to [something he does not want to do at that exact moment].” Son: “No [the thing he does not want to… Continue reading [Musings of a Mommy] Mirror, Mirror…

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[Musings of a Mommy] Bedtime Battles

I am finally continuing this series. I believe the last installment of “Musings of a Mommy” was back on September 4, 2015. Yeah…definitely fell off the wagon. Since then, I have learned a whole deal more about what being a mommy is really like…not to mention a lot of life lessons learned simply by trying… Continue reading [Musings of a Mommy] Bedtime Battles

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Living in 2017: What I’m Hoping (and Planning) to Learn and Love

So as a follow-up of last week’s blog post, where I recapped the top five life lessons and loves of 2016 (quite honestly, my favorite blog post to date…check it out HERE), I thought I would share some of the things I hope to learn and love as I am living through 2017. I say… Continue reading Living in 2017: What I’m Hoping (and Planning) to Learn and Love

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…and just like that, you’re two years old.

Christmas Day, 2014. Just 32 minutes into the day, you came screaming into the world. You were exactly 1 week past your due date by that point, and then decided 37 hours of labor would be a great way to make your grand entrance into the world. The moment you landed in my arms made… Continue reading …and just like that, you’re two years old.

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[Bullet Journal] Planning for Day-to-Day Survival

December is upon us! Like most people, for me this time of year usually means a lot of chaos and activity – both at home and at work. On the home front, I’m trying to determine my gifting list, as well as planning special activities and meals that come with “sharing the holidays with loved… Continue reading [Bullet Journal] Planning for Day-to-Day Survival

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Fourteen Years Ago Today…

Fourteen years ago today, he asked…and I said, “Yes.” It didn’t feel like a particularly life-changing “YES” at the time for me. I had said this before to several other people in my past. Those “YESes” didn’t really work out. Considering¬†the¬†wake of shattered hearts I had left behind, belonging both to me and others, one… Continue reading Fourteen Years Ago Today…

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[Month in Review] April 2016

Happy May 1st, everyone!! The “April showers that bring May flowers” seem to have decided to stay on a while longer, as the first of May features gray skies, clouds, chilly temperatures, and a drizzling of rain now and again. Still, April proved to be a wonderful month full of fun first experiences for the… Continue reading [Month in Review] April 2016

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[Month of Motherhood] April 2016 Edition

As April comes to a close, we are finally enjoying some sun, warmth, and new life as the grass, flowers, plants, and trees begin to dress in their Spring wardrobe. The grayness of winter has subsided to bright yellows, pinks, green, and purples as the daffodils, cherry blossoms, new leaves, and violets begin to sprout… Continue reading [Month of Motherhood] April 2016 Edition